World Teachers’ Day: Teachers the Superheroes in our World

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Teachers are the physical superheroes in our world. You may say how because they are immensely different from the usual superheroes we know (superman, batman, spiderman, etc). And, yes teachers don’t wear capes, they may not have visual superpowers but they are special.

Most of everyone on earth has one way or the other felt the influence of a teacher, be it at home-schooling or even in educational background.

I have been greatly influenced by a teacher, I can be able to write, speak and do many other things because a teacher taught me and this is the same with many others.

Now, tell me if it is not a superpower. The ability to influence, teach and shape up another individual and not just any kind but children.

This comes with much patience, communication, and temperament skills. I am not sure any superhero can beat that.

Honoring “World Teachers’ Day” today, this post is dedicated to all wonderful teachers out there and before proceeding to the marvelous impacts you have given the children around the world, a background write-up concerning the “World Teachers’ Day” has to precede.

Background about the World Teachers’ Day

Teacher’s Day is a special day made for teachers, to appreciate them for their efforts in caring for other people’s children and further celebrate them.

The idea of celebrating Teacher’s Day had its root in many countries during the 19th century.

Although the day was declared by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994.

This proposal was to bring forth rights and responsibilities of teachers alongside international measures for their starting conditioning and further education, employment, recruitment, learning, and teaching conditions.

This implementation was succeded by the implementation of the UNESCO proposal regarding the profile of Higher Education Personnel by the UNESCO General Conference in 1997.

These proposals are classed as a vital set of rules and regulations to encourage teachers’ status in the interest of quality education.

Note that not all countries tag and celebrate Teacher’s Day on October 5. In most cases, the country celebrates a local educator or a vital milestone in education.

This serves as the major reason why some countries celebrate this day on different dates, unlike numerous other International Days.

Like Argentina for example that has remembrance Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s death on 11 September as Teachers’ Day since 1915.

Likewise in India, the birthday of the second president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 September) is celebrated as Teachers’ Day since the date 1962.

The impacts of teachers in the society
Role Models

Teachers stand as ultimate role models to students. This sets teachers like superheroes to children.

In a child’s academic career, they are opportune to know different types of teachers and more likely than never there would be a particular teacher they like more.

The teacher-student relation is invaluable for few students, who may seem to have low value for themselves or lack the stability needed.

Yet, teachers will stay optimistic for their students even when things may seem horrid.

A great teacher stays distinctive from others due to compassion for their students, comprehension of their students’ private lives, and gratitude regarding their academic aims and achievements.

Teachers give the power of education

Knowledge begets from education making education a fundamental basis for accomplishing in life.

Teachers give the power of education to today’s youth, which gives them a possibility for a great future.

Teachers make simple the complex ideas, and further, make abstract ideas easily reached to students.

Teachers also introduce and divulge children to concepts and topics that they might have not to know.

They can expand the interests of students and this aids to push students to do better.


One of the essential skills teachers have is giving guidance to students of all types.

Teachers are capable of seeing every child’s strong point and failing and also give aid and guidance to support them up to speed or push them to be better.

Teachers will aid students to disclose their best skills and teach them valuable life skills, such as communication, presentation, compassion, following directions, organization, and more.


One of the pivotal skills of teaching is having dedication. Teachers do not only listen to students but also coach and mentor them.

They are capable to aid form academic objectives and are dedicated to making their students achieve them.

Teachers have patience with their students and are understanding when an idea isn’t taking.

Teachers do their occupations because they want to help others. They are not teaching to be recognized or for a paycheck but because they have a passion for children and education.

Teachers mainly believe in the strength of education and the necessity of giving children good role models and therefore they teach because of that belief. They are dedicated to this cause.

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