What is Mobile Learning (m-Learning)?

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Mobile learning, also known as m-Learning, is the process of learning and having access to educational content online either through virtual media or mobile devices and electronic gadgets.

It simplifies learning by using mobile tools and bases its focus on access to learning materials at the learner’s convenience.

Schools and educational institutions are adopting m-Learning to be able to better educate learners as this is proving to be more effective than conventional learning methods.

Apart from convenience, m-Learning also supports instant sharing of content and allows for feedback, both from teachers and students, for effective learning.

What are the advantages of m-Learning?
Learn at your convenience

Learning is fun with learning online. You do not have to seat throughout the process and you can learn anywhere!

Learning enthusiasm

Students are eager to learn because they are in a relaxing environment and most m-Learning courses are fun and engaging.

Access to diverse people and resources

Educators add videos and audios to resources to make studying fun. Students can also have access to resources from tons of educational platforms. Students also have the opportunity to interact with people of different races and colors.

Quality education with ease

People in third world countries have the same opportunities with people in first world countries because of the level learning ground that m-Learning offers for students to thrive from the comfort of their homes.

Quick feedback

Educators and students can give feedback in real time and the feedback is used to improve upon the learning and teaching process of both parties.

M-Learning has contributed tremendously to the learning possibilities for students and the teaching methods for teachers. However, there are disadvantages.

What then are the disadvantages of m-Learning?

Entertainment options and other tasks can get learners easily distracted. With self discipline and focus, this can be curbed.

Poor Internet Connection

We know how crazy internet connection can be sometimes, add that to epileptic power supply! This is a major obstruction in the learning process especially for students who live in areas with poor internet reception and fluctuating power supply.

No doubt, m-Learning is cheaper than the conventional way of learning. However, ensuring that the factors affecting its effectiveness are worked on will go a long way in making the the learning process seamless.

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