Ways to improve E-learning in Higher Institution

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In order to ensure learning is technologically compliant in universities and other higher institutions, E-learning must be fully deployed and implemented.

E-learning refers to the deployment of information, communications technology (ICT) for the purpose of enhancing tertiary education. It is also described as online teaching, learning, and onsite or other distance-based provision enhanced with ICT.

As a result of the numerous setbacks Africa experiences, especially its the education sector, it is important to ensure the following are put in place in order to enhance e-learning in higher institutions across the continent.

Encourage innovation

Encourage good practices to enable innovation, avoid wasteful duplication of efforts, and speed up research.

A lot of practices by universities and other tertiary institutions are demoralizing and limit the actualization of potentials, talents, and ideas brought forth by young people.

It is important therefore to ensure these practices are stopped n order to provide solid ground and a fertile environment for innovative thinking and ingenuity.

Staff development

Enhancing appropriate staff development to ensure progress at the institutional level.

For the ICT  and other educational gadgets to be put into appropriate use, the training and development of staff and workers must be prioritized and their professional development especially for the purpose of gathering skills to work with the gadgets, how to deploy it fully for the purpose of education advancements in higher institutions.


Ensuring partnerships and support from foreign bodies are provided

It is important for higher institutions to show promises and competencies in order to encourage foreign partnerships and funding support.

It is true that education is acutely underfunded in Nigeria, with this realization, it is important these kinds of alliances are formed to ensure those loopholes are covered.

Exploring intellectual property issue

Intellectual property rights remain a very topical discourse in higher institutions.

To ascertain that plagiarism of academic works is not encouraged, the e-learning facilities must be developed and highly advanced.

The Nigerian Copyrights Commission must also be willing to work progressively with tertiary institutions to deploy e-learning tools and ensure intellectual properties are not compromised.

Public-private partnership

Promoting dialogue between IT providers and institutions, and supporting public-private partnerships, in order to keep costs at a reasonable level.

This group must form such a formidable alliance as their roles are key to the development and sustenance of E-learning in higher institutions.

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