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Educational technology (EdTech) in Nigeria has come to stay. It facilitates learning for users by combining educational theory and practice with computer hardware.

For people who have picked up interest in the edtech sector, this post captures top edtech startups in Nigeria that have carved a niche for themselves by leveraging technology for the purpose of making learning accessible to users.


Prepclass is an academic solutions provider with tailored learning programs based on students’ needs. Its online platform,, hosts a wide range of past questions which help students practice and assess their performances. Parents can also request tutors for their wards.


DavtonLearn is an online education platform that offers users professional certification courses, good content and education solutions via video learning.


Tuteria is an e-learning platform that connects tutors with people that hope to learn. The platform has a database of qualified tutors who are versed in various subjects and skills that are relevant to the user.

Simbi Interactives

Simbi Interactives is an edtech startup that uses AI to solve problems. The platform’s product, SimbiBot, is an app that helps you learn, master and evaluate yourself in any topic across all subjects.


Roducate is a curriculum-based e-learning platform that houses notes, videos and podcasts for a wide range of subjects across all levels.

It also avails users the opportunity to partake in competitions, tasks and ecucational games with prizes to be won.


uLesson is an edtech platform targeted at secondary school students that provide educational content for its users.

It leverages mobile phones as an education platform to provide a wide range of curricula and a network of tutors for its users.


Splatt is another unique edtech platform. It generates test questions for users to practice in preparation for their tests and/or exams.

The platform also has an AI study coach that advises users on the best studying practices that would work for them.

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Passnownow is a one-stop platform for users to access the primary and secondary school curriculum. It’s simply a digitized curriculum and it offers peer-to-peer learning.


ScholarX is basically education financing. The platform aims to provide quality education to users while connecting them to funding sources.

ScholarX also runs LearnAM, a platform that gives users access to learn digital and vocational skills after which they go through series of tests, get certifications, and onboarded for possible employment/internship/apprenticeship.


If you are looking for a cloud and mobile education platform, EduRecords is the one for you.

It focuses on raw data collation for data science purposes and also provides reports, projections, learning paths and suggests to parents and educators how best to improve students’ academic performance.


Stutern is an online learning platform where users can learn web-based, data-based, design-based and digital marketing-based courses.

One unique feature is that users get internship placements upon completion of their courses. Like its name suggests, study and intern. Voila!

We have taken our time to curate this list and we hopefully find it useful.

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