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If there is one thing the pandemic has brought to the fore, it is the rapid domination of education in the tech space, a space that, pre-pandemic, had been dominated by financial institutions.

Education providers have adopted the ‘new normal’ which is technology and have created various platforms and solutions for the sole purpose of making learning easier and accessible.

Let us take a look at edtech startups that have risen in rank based on their unique features, services and impact on the African continent.


The uLesson platform uses interactive videos and education-based content to bridge the gap in learning for secondary school students.

The edtech startup has, since its launch, recorded over one million app downloads and raised millions from investors. This has made it one of Africa’s top-funded startups.

uLesson leverages mobile phones as an education platform to provide a wide range of curricula and a network of tutors for its users.

All you have to do to access the app is simply download it on your Android or Windows device and select a suitable plan at an affordable fee. is an edtech startup that was originally intended for students preparing for WAEC and UTMEs exams but currently, it enables students the opportunity of testing their knowledge on diverse subjects through mock tests.

Smartix Education

Smartix Education is an edtech startup that is specialized in developing learning solutions for students through educational activities, books and animated videos. The platform can be accessed on Android devices or web.


Tuteria is an online platform that connects tutors to prospective students.


Like Tuteria, PrepClass is an edtech platform that connects learners to tutors for a fee.


Kidato is a web school for children between the ages of 4 and 18 and offers both regular academic classes and after-school lessons for children.

To ensure that children have the interaction that happens in regular schools, the platform takes students on monthly educational field trips.


M-Shule in a platform that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized learning experiences to learners through SMS and chatbots.

Data from students is shared with parents, schools, and teachers to enhance the learning process.

Ambani Africa

Ambani is an edtech platform that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to teach young people African languages.


Syafunda is an edtech startup that gives users access to digital content. The startup partners with local content developers in putting up digital libraries in places where Internet connection is restricted or non-existent.


eLimu translates to education in Swahili. It is a Kenyan edtech platform that provides educational apps and content for students at primary school levels. The startup uses local examples to show concepts to students.


Gradely offers an adaptive learning platform that helps parents and schools identify learning gaps in students while recommending specific ways to bridge the gap.


Kukua is a Kenyan edtech startup that leverages new media and technology to empower children to learn through sensory-engaging experiences. It does this by using game-based educational apps, like Sema, to interact with children and make learning attractive. It seeks to address child illiteracy on the continent.


Zedny is an Arabic e-learning platform in Egypt with online courses, animated video summaries and hours of study time for users.

The platform offers services in the Middle East and targets individuals looking to develop their general business skills.

Its services are only a fraction of the cost of its offline alternatives and seek to strengthen Arab human capital.

Mavis Computel

Mavis Computel aims at tackling the challenge of education in Nigeria by using interactive education technology.

Its patented product is a book that is specially printed with unique dot patterns and colorful pictures and a digital pen with audio capabilities.

The product makes teaching easier for teachers and learning fun for students.


Based in Egypt, EYouth gives educational solutions in entrepreneurship, career development, and other skills.

There you have it. A compilation of our top edtech startups. If there are any we missed and you would love us to add, kindly list them in the comments section.

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