Tools for Effective Classroom Management

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Classroom management encompasses the techniques, skills and tools that teachers use to engage students and ensure that they are academically organized and productive.

Wikipedia describes it as a term teachers use to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly without disruptive behavior from students compromising the delivery of instruction.

Contrary to what was obtainable in the past when classroom management was limited to enforcing compliance through discipline, teachers now utilize edtech tools to facilitate learning and improve classroom management without breaking a sweat.

We will be picking one classroom management tool each based on their specific features for effective classroom management.

These edtech tools, when used properly, will enable an effective learning environment for students while maximizing instructional time for educators.

Group Maker

This tool creates and manages different student groups.

It also lists students in these groups with their avatars for easy identification by their teachers.


This management tool involves parents in the routine management of teachers and their wards’ participation in class. It also facilitates quick feedback from teachers to students and their parents.

It also has features like a digital chalkboard for working through problems and displaying information, a bell for getting students’ attention and calling them to order, and goal setting option for projecting goals that students must achieve at a set period.


This is a classroom management tool that collates student data and creates a report (monthly or weekly) based on the data collated on each student while sharing information about students’ progress with both students and their parents in real-time with the option of translating them in any of the 30+ languages that the platform supports.

Other classroom management tools have timers for alerting students and teachers onset time during tasks, and noise monitors for monitoring noise levels during class.

Another aspect of classroom management is organizing and maintaining education technology devices.

Physical classrooms where students use tools like tablets and laptops can become disorganized most times especially in terms of storage.

Cabinets and/or cupboards should be assigned to students to avoid device damage.

Also, training students on device maintenance will go a long way in prolonging the shelf life of these devices.

Effective classroom management techniques reduce students’ behaviors that disrupt learning and make the most of behaviors that enhance it.

In this regard, no matter your edtech needs, there are classroom management tools for you. Why not check them out?

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