The Importance of Vocational Education in School System

Vocational Education Converge

The importance of Vocational education and training in mainstream education cannot be over-emphasized.

Each career or role has specific skills that one needs to acquire in other to perform optimally while at the role.

Vocational Education is an important feature in various school systems across countries of the world because it connects work specification with requisite skills.

It is not enough to go to school and be taught theories, practicability is necessary for career development and advancement.

What is Vocational Education?

It affords one the opportunity to learn skills related to a specific job, work, or role.

It can also be that kind of training that prepares someone to work as a skilled craftsman, a technician, or a professional vocation.

Vocational Education can also be called Technical Education, depending on the context of usage.

Types of Vocational Education

There are different types of vocational education and training that are available for various fields, and they are namely;


As the name suggests, this kind of education can last as long as 3-6 years, depends on the number of years agreed by the trainer and the apprentice.

This kind of education is trade-based only. Here, after the student has completed his or her hands-on-job training with proper supervision from his or her trainer, there is compensation that follows.

This kind of training could combine practicals with classroom teaching; students often get paid in this type of VE and, it makes entry into apprenticeship programs highly competitive.

In Nigeria, a commonly practiced form of apprenticeship exists among the Igbos; where a person goes on to learn a trade at an agreed duration and gets funding to startup after completion.

On-the-job training

This is the kind of training that an employer offers his employees while on the job.

This is made possible by pairing a new employee with one who is experienced on the job for further training.


This is quite similar to an Apprenticeship. In an Internship, one gets the desired experience needed to sail in your field of study.

Through Internships, one can earn a space in the industry of their choice.

Adult education

This is also called continuing education.

With this form of education, an adult takes up some educational activities so as to learn new skills that are economically sustainable.

Why is Vocational Education important?

It has an important role to play in a given field, career, or job.

More attention should be given to the acquisition of skills because it is the pathway to securing highly skilled jobs in the career market.

Vocational Education helps in developing set skills needed for growing economies.

Also, through this kind of education; students are exposed to the intricacies of each job while relating it with their courses.

School systems need this kind of education to boost learning among students.

Because Vocational Education has become a part of specified requirements stated by employers for a job role to be taken, it is very important for schools of higher learning to infuse training like this in their curricula.

Finally, the demand for skilled individuals is quite competitive, therefore, our school systems should encourage vocational education in her list of offered courses.

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