The A-Z of Smart Learning

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Learning has evolved from the usual classroom environment to students and teachers converging on a dynamic system that allows them to interact, share and learn.

In the educational space, smart learning is the new normal!

What is smart learning?

Smart learning is the involvement of advanced technologies in the methods by which a student learns.

Smart learning is a broader term of describing digital education. It shows how learners are enabled by new technologies to gather knowledge and skills in a more efficient way, with effective methods of delivery while it allows for convenience.

Another word for it is intelligent learning, online learning, e-learning or blended learning.

This also involves new ways of teaching that is flexible, personal, intelligent, and at the same time interactive.

Smart learning adapts to the new normal by allowing learners to get a quality educational experience irrespective of wherever they are or whatever situation they find themselves in at the moment.

The traditional model of education poses various challenges ranging from lack of qualified teachers to the unavailability of learning materials and even a poor learning environment but smart learning exists to eliminate possible barriers or challenges that the traditional educational model has.

This learning is focused on ensuring that students utilize technology on the go. This environment is basically enabled by technology and learners are exposed to learning anytime and anywhere based on the learners schedule and it can only be facilitated by an advanced wireless device.

Internet of Things (IoT) has given room for smart innovations like smart learning by offering IoT-based learning findings that are integrated into our learning or working environment.

Smart Learning Environment

Simply put, this is a hybrid environment where learning can take place. This kind of environment is the availability of our physical environment plus electronic devices that can allow for the use of the internet to enhance and speed up learning processes.

Learning in the digital age is the new normal and it involves the availability of the internet, advanced digital devices, mobile or wireless communication and, unlimited access to learning materials online.

One basic goal of smart learning is to enable learners meet the requirements of work and even life in the twenty-first century.


However, the society is not too quick to accepting change. For example, the Wright brothers were treated with contempt by lovers of science for thinking that their aircraft invention will be transportation’s future.

Today, can you imagine a world without airplanes?

Though, smart learning is in its embryonic stage, especially in sub-saharan Africa and other parts of the world, but, it still has challenges facing it.

One major challenge facing smart education is the rigidity of traditional education. Today, institutions are more focused on managing people rather than managing learning.

I must commend some academic institutions that have integrated smart learning into their learning methods but I am still advocating that more institutions should key into embracing smart learning as it would solve many problems as it concerns educational deficiencies in the globe.

If we want change to occur, we must first admit that conventional learning methods cannot satisfy the needs of the present-day learner in an ever-dynamic world as ours.

After we have changed our perception of learning, we should also change the way the higher education system works so as to benefit a mordern day learner.

The future of Higher education and Smart learning

To ensure a bright future for higher education, smart learning is the sure way to go. As explained above, many institutions of higher learning are already expanding their reach to more learners through this form of learning.

In the coming years, smart learning will gain traction.

Our dream is to reach out to learners beyond the traditional classroom, with this, diverse persons irrespective of their challenges will be reached and offered education.

Like an umbrella, the mind cannot be put to use until it is opened. Smart learning opens the minds of learners to new possibilities of education without borders.

We must continuously work collectively to connect learners to smart methods of learning in our dynamic world.

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