Review: Open Source Education

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Research has shown that students who have access to Open Source Education get higher grades than students who make use of traditional textbooks.

Open Source Education started off as a concept in the field of software development where various educational software is designed and made open for people of all ages to use as it is tailored according to their specific needs.

This kind of software is free to use. A good example of open-source software is Mozilla Firefox.

There are other kinds of Softwares that give exclusive rights of use to users who purchase their products.

In clearer terms, Open source software can be assessed for free while other software that is not open is purchased at a given value.

Now that we have known that open software enables Open Sources Education (OSE), we are going to know what Open Sources Education is.

What is Open Source Education?

This is the total provision of education for everyone online who is interested in learning.

With OSE, People have free access to educational materials or platforms once they can access the internet.

Examples of platforms that support Open Source Education are KhanAcademy, Coursera, and even Wikipedia.

Over the years, Open source education has gathered momentum and it is widely accepted as a great way of learning.

It is also good to note that Distance learning and Open source Education is not the same as the former is commercialized but the latter offers all with free and unlimited access.

With Open Source Education, anyone can learn about anything at their own timing, from anywhere and, with any device as long as the internet can be accessed.

Can you replace Open Source Learning with Fulltime Education?

Open source Education is never the same as full-time education and it is never a replacement with a university degree.

Taking into cognizance the fact that Open source Education is good for personal upgrade or enhancement, it shouldn’t be placed side by side with traditional or full-time education.

However, you can consider an Open Source Education platform as a Bibliotheca. if you utilize the open-source education medium productively, it can be beneficial to you in various ways.

We have known what Open Source Education is, now, let us take a look at the benefits

  • You can gain access to OSE from anywhere
  • Learning can be done at one’s convenience. You can choose to learn at whatever time that is suiting for you
  • You can add it to your full-time course
  • You can be assisted on topics that are not clear to you through Open sources
  • You can select any topic in any given area to learn from

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