Girl-Child Education

Removing Mental Differentiation from Girls at an Early Age

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Mental differentiation in girls should be removed, and mental alertness promoted. Cliches like “what a man can do, a woman can do better” or “girls mature faster than men”, creates a mental differentiation awareness to the girls at an early age about the tension between both genders in society.

This also makes boys aware of the significant differentiation between the male and female gender. At an early age, a boy already tags a girl as a weaker gender and a girl already sees herself as such.

This is because of the agitation sparking between the two genders further transmitting and shaping a child mentally at a very essential period in their lives.

Children are known for their curious minds and how fast they are in grabbing things and they are more prone to catching negative attitudes they have seen someone do.

At this early age, mental differentiation must stop, and instead, the strength of girls is encouraged at such a delicate and fundamental stage.

In some schools, boys are asked to sit at one side of a row, and girls are asked to sit at the other row, majorly because of self-preservation and prevention of naughty plays, mostly to the benefit of the girls as is presumed.

Girls are thought, as tender as a flower, with a belief that any small influence or misstep they would seem dainty.

This has been the cause of much tension trying to overshadow the stereotyping, but this isn’t helping either because it creates more questions and fear.

This action is also done at homes, where girls are designated to play in a certain manner, act in a certain manner, and as much as eat in a certain manner, while the boys are dealt with permissively.

Psychologist Carol Gilligan has observed, based on her research with adolescent girls in the United States that:

“Girls up to 8 years old have ‘voice’ and can say openly what they think and feel. That voice is silenced as girls reach adolescence.”

So many adolescent girls are shaped by the footprint set for them by family and society. This has made it intensely hard for these girls to step out of such mental programming, regardless of how transformed, the world is now at supporting women.

How can we strengthen girls at an early age?

Mental differentiation through gender barriers, the tension, and quotes that somehow still tag the female gender as a weaker gender in need of care and a little voice should stop.

Both the male and the female gender are on this earth to make the earth suitable and progressive and this can only get achieved with both gender strengthened.

Girls need nurturing from an early age about their strengths, not their weaknesses, and not treatment of them as subordinates among the men.

This will aid largely in them seeing themselves as worthy and will not curb any of their voice or ideas in society.

Instead of it always conceivable that women should adapt to society, it will have to be the society adapting to the standards the female gender will make.

Eradication of fear is essential, for early age girls to protect their boldness and make them fearless when saying their minds and also making bold decisions.

Finally, we have to consciously foster the minds of early age girls because mental thinking, facilitates physical characters and speech. As we know children are brighter and more creative than adults.

Consequently, making them tagged as the future of tomorrow. On that account, we should endeavor to protect their mentality.

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