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What better way to make e-learning easier than using edtech tools that are user-friendly, education effective and feedback oriented?

We have curated a list of edtech tools we know will help you through the e-learning process.

Google Classrooms

This is one important tool that schools and teachers must have.

It enables users to create live sessions, give and grade assignments, and manage the creation and distribution of learning materials with the ability to give feedback on students’ progress on tasks.

This device can be accessed via the web or through smartphones.


This is an app that simultaneously connects teachers with students and their parents.

It also enables teachers to create tasks, conducts quizzes and give assignments.

Teachers have the liberty of creating classes in-app while students join via a generated link/code.

Progress can be monitored by the teacher, student and parents as well.


On this platform, educators can create and share interactive images with music, sounds, texts, and photographs on websites and social media platforms.

It enables teachers to formulate learning methods aimed at broadening students’ knowledge and awakening their curiosity.

Class Dojo

Is more of a social media for classes than it is a learning management app and it enables teachers to provide students with instant feedback.

Students are rewarded with points and it fosters collaborative spirit among students.

It also collates information about student behavior which is shared with parents and administrators.

It is a platform that allows teachers to create exercises and/or educational games which students can solve using mobile devices.

Teachers can modify subsequent exercises based on the result of previous activities for better learning and personalized experience for students.


This educational platform is based on games and questions. It allows teachers to create questionnaires or surveys and discussion topics that complement academic lessons.

It increases student engagement and creates a dynamic and fun educational environment by promoting game-based learning.


This is also one of the edtech tools that allows teachers create and share multimedia content through presentations with slides which links, interactive maps, quizzes, videos, etc., can be embedded in.

It also allows teachers to share academic content which can be visually adapted to different devices.


This platform allows students to collate information from online sources and share it with members in the groups in the platform.

It also enables teachers and students to share and explore educational material and provides the possibility to manage more effectively the academic content found online and improve research techniques.

It also enables teachers to organize virtual classes with students, and allows them create and store the portfolio of work done.


This is a platform with an open source interface that enables the creation and distribution of educational materials online.

These materials which may contain videos, audios, and interactive exercises can be modified.


This platform, through storytelling, promotes the writing and reading skills of students.

Teachers have the liberty collaborate with students on projects, give feedback, grade projects, create interactive and artistic books online through a simple and easy-to-use interface and stories that can be printed, embedded in blogs or sent by email.


This digital tool inspires students and helps them improve in their academic lessons by allowing them create high-quality videos in record time from any mobile device.

It has a friendly and practical interface and allows teachers meet the educational needs of students by creating audiovisual content.

So, whether you’re a teacher seeking ways to help your students become receptive to learning or you’re a student looking for edtech tools that will help you excel in your studies, we hope you find these tools helpful. Happy teaching and/or learning.

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