Edtech Startups in Northern Africa

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North Africa and the middle east have achieved certain feats when it comes to the development of education.

With Egypt taking the lead, it is easy to measure the extent to which northern Africa has developed the edtech startups ecosystem all over the continent.

Here is a list of edtech startups in Northern Africa


Thndr is located in Egypt. It has established tremendous impact since its creation in 2020.

Despite only formally launching a year ago the startup has developed an investment platform that makes it easy to invest in stocks, bonds, and funds, which are completely commission-free.

After raising pre-seed funding in December 2019, Thndr made it into the Combinator Summer 2020 set, followed up by securing the first new brokerage license granted by Egypt’s Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) in over ten years.


Onboard is a Tunisian venture that has been around for a couple of years.

In 2020, it experienced an accelerated development and there is a high probability its momentum will keep on improving.

The startup offers a platform changing user experience management for hardware providers, with 3D smart manuals.

In May, Onboard was selected for the Flat6Labs Tunis accelerator program, receiving about US$65,000 fund.


Nafham is a free online educational video platform that is associated to the official public school curriculum.

Headquartered in Cairo, the startup makes it easy for students to comprehend certain ideas by making use of different approaches at the same time providing 5 to 20-minute videos by professionals.

The startup’s content is also separated by subject, term, grade, and academic plans, making it easier for students to navigate using a user interface.

Founded in 2012 by Ahmed Alfi, Mostafa Farahat, and Muhammad Habib in an attempt to ensure a digitized approach to tackling the major educational crises in Egypt.

It has since then expanded to include major school curriculums in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arb Emirates, Syria, and Algeria.

Finally, Nafham got heir seed round investment from Flat6Labs 9 years ago.


Almentor is an online video marketplace and the go-to content provider for self-learners in the middle east.

Founded and based in the UAE, the platform provides video courses and informative sessions, as well as personal learning and development courses.

Additionally, the platform generates highly rated training programs and content created by experts in the industry.

As for the learning process, the platform enables learners to engage themselves in required knowledge with its curriculum and interactive delivery components.

The startup is funded by Sheraa Sharjah, who is a major investor.

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