An Overview of STEAM Education

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STEAM education is gaining popularity by the day in the educational system. The fastest-growing occupations are in the STEAM fields.

In our ever-evolving world, learning in-demand and relevant skills helps prepare students to become innovators and make a positive impact in society.

Little wonder why students are enrolling for STEAM courses because it prepares them for the future workforce.

What is STEAM education?

STEAM is an acronym for the courses: Science Technology Engineering Art Math.

STEAM education combines these courses – based on their creative processes and diverse method for inquiry and investigation – for the purpose of invoking critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

Art and science synergize to create an innovative and research-based learning process.

It creates an enabling environment for students to be inquisitive and provide creative solutions to real-life problems and by doing so, helps them to develop the hard and soft skills they need to succeed anywhere they find themselves.

It spurs students to ask thought-provoking questions and seek solutions that just can’t be found on the internet.

With STEAM education, students can learn with art practices while relying more on understanding the materials that they are studying and less on memorization tactics.

Simply put, it helps them recall and retain the information they learned.

Advantages of STEAM education
  • It helps students work through creative processes
  • It helps them know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make informed decisions
  • It helps students take thoughtful risks
  • It helps them become resilient problem solvers
  • Have the capacity to make sense of information
  • Students get to embrace and appreciate collaboration
  • It helps students engage in meaningful learning activities

Incorporating arts into STEM helps individuals connect concepts to their personal experiences.

STEAM education is the future and one great thing about the future is that it begins now.

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