5 Things Student should know in the Digital Space

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There should be a clear distinction between students of the late 80s/early 90s and students of this age and time.

However, what should form the knowledge bank of students of today should not be any different from what scholars of the past knew.

But, in a rapidly advancing digital world like ours, students’ knowledge has evolved too.

Digitization has brought about various needs that are unmet. It has encouraged some unlearning and relearning processes in today’s students.

For a fact, technology is reshaping the kinds of things students should know in the digital space.

Here, we will find out the 5 things every student should know in a fast-paced world like ours.

Information and its sources

Every student should be wise enough to know that different information flies around the webspace.

Some might be good while some, bad. Students should know the best ways to find different information and the kind of source they rely on.

If a student needs information on how to run some DIY routine, he or she should use a convenient search engine to look for a particular keyword that would provide answers to his or her search.

Information can be saved for references. A student should know how to use technology to save information. An example of this is Google drive.

Google drive has given people the opportunity to save to the cloud. With this knowledge, students can conveniently save numerous data to their drive once they have their G-mail accounts

Some information may come off as facts while some may appear to be opinions. As a student, you should have a clear understanding of how to differentiate both.

Critical thinking is one skill that cannot be placed under the carpet. It is an essential skill every student need.

All information gotten from the digital space cannot be accepted hook, line, and sinker.

A student should be able to think carefully about any information before using them.

Idea sharing

Every man is born with innate talents and gifts. Every man can get an idea of how to do something different from what another has done, but as a student, you should know the repercussions of sharing your idea with someone in the digital space.

Also, if you have decided to share your idea, you should know the right time to let your little secret loose.

The Digital Maeketplace

To some persons, the digital space may be some abstract idea that people just jump into. But as a student, you should have the expertise or requisite skill and be willing to sell it to the world.

The digital space has loads of information or resources, but, you should be able to filter the ones you need and do away with the rest.

Applying Technology appropriately

Technology has created so many things; Smart devices, Computer systems, laptops, tablets, smartwatches e.t.c.

You should be able to distinguish the differences and relationships between all of these technologies.

You should know how to use technology to eat healthier, improve your vocabulary and literacy e.t.c.

Having technology at your fingertips is not enough, apply it to your daily lives is what matters.

Coping with the Digital Audience

The digital audience is always available. As a student, you should know the difference between those who listen, who responds, who cares, who doesn’t care e.t.c.

The differences in language are challenges that you should tackle. You should be able to know the type of language to choose before interacting, the tone to use and all of these depend on the purpose of the interaction and the receiving audience.

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