4 Nigerian Women Promoting Learning Culture

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Women continue to play a crucial role in creating an enabling environment for people to have unlimited access to quality education in whatever area their interests lie.

Through their skills and resources, these women continue to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and efficient learning ecosystem and bridge the gap between education seekers and resources dissemination, while also developing systems that meet the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds – be it in remote villages, refugee camps, impoverished communities, etc.

In this article, we will be taking a peek into the startups that are founded in Nigeria by women who are passionate about education and seek to build an educated populace.

Irene Bangwell – Co-Founder, The KNOSK N100-a-day Secondary School

The KNOSK N100-a-day Secondary School, Nigeria’s first crowd-funded subsidized school, is a startup initiative of Youngstars Foundation that seeks to break the poverty cycle in Africa by giving children access to quality education through technology.

It is a low-cost pay-what-you-can premium school that offers children from low-income families, sound and quality action learning experience and skills, free books, uniforms, lunch, and free sanitary pads monthly for the girls – all through a crowdfunding process by people and organizations who donate to supplement the outstanding cost of fees per child.

Adenike Akinsemolu – Founder, The Green Campus Initiative

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To address the environmental challenges that Nigeria faces, The Green Campus Initiative was founded to educate, engage and enlighten young people to live green, as well as equip them with the needed tools to effectively transform their communities.

It encourages people to become eco-conscious citizens through the use of bicycles and other means of sustainable transportation, conservation of energy and water, utilization of renewable energy, and proper waste disposal while also training them to become social entrepreneurs through the development of vocational skills.

This is to combat climate change and foster environmental sustainability through results-based green initiatives, innovative academic research, and building a generation of environmentally and socially conscious people.

Titilope Adewusi – CEO and Co-Founder, 9ijakids


9ijakids was founded with the core focus of providing fun educational games and resources to make children’s learning experiences interesting through play, repetition and practice.

As part of its aim to revolutionize the learning experience of kids, it has developed an online and mobile education platform that helps children between the ages of 3 – 13 years, understand topics, retain knowledge and excel in their academic pursuits through interactive fun games.

Adeola Shasanya – Co-Founder, Afro-Tech Girls

Afro-Tech Girls is an organization that promotes STEM learning for girls in secondary schools and encourages their active participation in innovation and technology.

It also holds STEM-based quiz competitions for students in Nigeria, provides mentorship programs for University girls in STEM, and organizes tech-focused training sessions and workshops for women.

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