3 ways to develop Hybrid Learning Program in schools

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The different variants of COVID still present threats to the safety of millions of people, especially to those who are yet to receive the jab.

The health problems that come with the Covid-19 virus have changed the mode of learning and teaching delivery of most schools.

Our schools have embraced the new method of learning — the hybrid model. The Hybrid model of learning is the combination of traditional learning and online learning.

Experts in the education space described the hybrid learning model as the new normal in the field of learning.

More schools in Nigeria have adopted the hybrid learning model so as to ensure a smooth teaching and learning experience.

Online learning has its shortcomings too! Juxtaposing the pros and cons of online learning has given room for most educational institutions to adopt hybrid learning in school systems.

Most of you would want to know the different ways of creating a successful hybrid learning model for your school. Stay with me as I take you on this knowledge journey with me.

Use technology specifically designed for teachers and students

It is very important for schools to continue to evolve to fit into trends. Online learning should be incorporated into the school’s curriculum and the perfect technology that would aid this should be employed to ease students the stress of adapting to the new normal.

In 2020, most students found it rather difficult to operate software like Zoom, MS Teams, and Google meet. The reason for this is; the software was designed for adult learners or employers and not for the students.

Designs of technology for students should be considered before schools go on to make choices on which software to use. Schools must pay attention to technologies created for students so as to make online learning sustainable.

In addition, there is a high need for educational learning tools that will cater to older and younger students alike.

Social interaction is important too

Online learning could be boring as there are little or no social interactions among students.

However, with the opportunity presented by hybrid learning, there could be organized meet-up sessions or events whereby students can visit the classroom from time to time.

Educational institutions can leverage the hybrid learning model to connect students with their contemporaries.

With hybrid learning models, students will look forward to meeting each other physically and teachers should also develop social activities that would make learning engaging for students.

Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and open to possible feedback

The new school year will be different for most teachers and students as both will adopt the hybrid learning models within the classroom environment.

The skills student could learn from distance learning like independence in learning and learning at one’s pace can also be applied to work after they are through with college.

Teachers should be open to the feedback of students and parents on the new mode of learning and be ready to make possible adjustments to meet the requirements of students.

Finally, students can achieve more classroom success only if teachers utilize the different tools at their disposal. As the year comes, we would move into a new way of learning in our modern world.

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